Complaining can be toxic

Staying motivated can be difficult. We all have our ways on refocusing and keeping the momentum but there are others who thrive on complaining.  It can be difficult to continuously listen to it but MindBridge’s article on “Why do we complain?” provides some good insight on why people complains?

  • People don’t realize they are complaining
  • Complaining sparks a conversation
  • Looking for validation and
  • Provides excuses to procrastinate and keep from achieving goals

Here is where thinking positively will help you deal with matters outside of your control.

  • Be aware of your complaining
  • Take responsibility and turn negative thoughts to positive thoughts
  • Refocus on what you want and identify alternative solutions.

If you are dealing with someone who’s complaining check out these interesting links

“How to deal with chronic complainers” by Guy Winch Ph.D.

Marth Beck’s Anti complaining campaign

Jack Canfield speaks about complaining on Youtube

3 Ways to Deal with Whiny and Complaining Employees by Michael Rogers



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